How car manufacturers are using eye tracking to keep us 安慰able and safe behind the wheel

用户体验 用户界面设计 可穿戴的眼动跟踪 365bet职业眼镜


The history of automotive safety is marked by a few groundbreaking design concepts. 安全带在1958年,防抱死刹车在1966年,安全气囊在1981年. 从汽车制造的关键时刻开始, tweaks and alterations have been made to strengthen the exterior of the car, 改善皱纹区, 甚至还能防止车子翻车. But car manufacturers have always designed with a limited understanding of the most complex factor in any driving situation: the driver themself. 365bet真人体育追踪正在引领汽车安全领域的最新革命.

Understanding the experience of the driver has become the defining focus of safety development in the industry. Since we now have cars that can survive anything from high-impact collisions to submersion in water, 和高速湿路滑胎, 重点自然已经发展到预防. We know that more than 90% of accidents on the road are caused by driver error, 随着安装了卫星导航系统的汽车内饰越来越繁忙, 娱乐功能, 和仪表板刻度盘, 情况只会变得更糟. But by building car interiors that intersect with natural human behavior and attention, we could potentially make it easier for drivers to respond positively in dangerous situations. 展望未来的安全, design that focuses on the user experience means that the act of driving will only get easier and more enjoyable.


Truly user-centric design is a nice idea, but how is it going to work in the real world? 答案是:在现实世界中. 使用眼动解决方案, car manufacturers can take their studies out of the limited scope of the lab and test their concepts out on participants in authentic scenarios. 可穿戴的眼动跟踪 devices allow designers to measure the gaze patterns of drivers while using the car in a real setting or 使用模拟器. 无论哪种方式, the ways in which road users engage with the design features will indicate any potential distractions, 干扰, 还有以前没有注意到的危险. Analyzing the eye tracking data also helps designers to smooth out mundane action sequences like connecting a mobile phone or inputting an address into the sat-nav, ensuring that users are brought closer to the simple act of driving without the frustrating bolt-ons.


西班牙汽车制造商SEAT decided to conduct their own eye tracking study to analyze the effects of their infotainment system on driver awareness and attention. 西亚特与其他汽车设计师一样,优先考虑的是安全. 而信息娱乐系统对任何现代汽车来说都是必不可少的, the number of features has the potential to draw the driver’s eyes away from the road for longer and longer periods. 使用 365bet职业眼镜 在受控的模拟器环境中, participants demonstrated where they intuitively expected to find key information such as temperature and battery life. Re-designing the screen to display this information in the way most people naturally searched for it has the potential to cut view time down and increase safety. Making their infotainment features more accessible also has the potential to boost general enjoyment during the act of driving, allowing whoever is behind the wheel to be able to focus and have fun while out on the road.


SEAT的研究不仅仅告诉365bet如何重新设计信息娱乐系统, it displays the potential for eye tracking in understanding the factors at play in distraction behind the wheel. 随着365bet真人体育追踪研究方法学的进步, we will inevitably move on from simply using eye tracking to optimize design and go on to use it as a standard practice when introducing new features, 仪器, 以及两者之间的一切. Having accurate insights into the level of distraction each item in a car causes means a 安慰able and smooth experience for the driver. Kazuma坂本, 365bet职业的汽车用户体验专家, 回应这种情绪, saying “we will inevitably reach a point in the future when auto companies trust eye tracking to help them design every aspect of their models with enjoyment, 安慰, 把安全放在第一位".

他说得没错,事实上,一些设计师已经在这条路上走得很好了. In 由方友等人领导的一项研究 同济大学, driving subjects had their gaze data analyzed while switching lanes in a real-world scenario. The researchers wanted to understand the eye’s “off-road time and awareness of the rearward road scene” so as to inform the future ideal design of an HUD based warning indicator when changing road lanes. The results of the study helped the researchers select the most appropriate positioning of the display and the indicators, minimizing distraction and ensuring their safety system actually boosted safety.

更广泛地说, many design concepts are expanding off an idea recently explored by car manufacturers around the psychological phenomenon of ‘driving without awareness’ (DWA). DWA描述的是在没有意识到决策的情况下开车的行为, 通常在叙述事件时缺乏记忆. Questionnaires are understandably limited in their effectiveness when investigating DWA, so automotive UX researchers used eye tracking to better understand how this state can be triggered by situations and external factors. 结果还表明,DWA可被认为是中度风险, and that when combined with other factors such as high speeds or tough conditions, 它可能对事故有增强作用. 理解这个, designers can optimize their safety features to more efficiently capture attention as needed while limiting potential distractions that could take attention from the act of driving.

So, 从安全到享受, eye tracking research is helping car manufacturers tweak their models to get an edge over the competition. 这些新数据为设计师提供了以前未知的见解, 为打破常规的汽车铺平了道路.